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A 30 sec animation in response to the Horniman Museum's Wonder of the World brief.In this film We take the audience through the journey of swordsmithing referencing three Japanese Deities

I was tasked in modeling a katana and animating and creating the effect in after effect

Producer: Rafael Hara

Director: Mukky Masunthasuwan

Visual Development:  Rafael Hara and Mukky Masunthasuwan

2D Team: Rafael Hara and Mukky Masunthasuwan

3D Team: Mo Awale and Charlotte Dillon

Compositing: Mo Awale

Consultation & Poster: Hatije Kargin

Scenes done in After Effects

Compositing 3D katana from maya to AE

Final Forge Horniman Poster.jpg

Poster done by Hatije Kargin

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