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This was a 2D pixel game collaboration with game designers. the game is called zap and it is a comedy game where the protagonest has screwed up and unleashed aliens in the area. the only way out is to rescue the survivors.

Art director: Hatije kargin

Producer: Jake Wang

Background design: Mukky Masunthasuwan

Environment design/ animation  Mo Awale and Hatije kargin

Game assets/animation: Mo Awale

Character design: Mukky Masunthasuwan, Mo Awale, Hatije Kargin.

Character aniamtion: Mukky Masunthasuwan, Hatije Kargin and Jack Wang 

Sounds: Jack Wang

Game concept video:

Compostioning and animation: Mo Awale

Editing: Mo Awale and Hatije Kargin

Game intro and gameplay concept 

Spite showreel

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