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Production pack

The first question you might be asking is “what the hell is a production pack!”. Well it is known to some people as the production bible. It is basically a summative guide to a pitch for investors and production teams.

What usually is in a production pack is…….

Logline: A one sentence summery of what the story is. this must translate to the anyone who is reading so they know the full premise so choose your words carefully!!!!

Character designs: these along with brief descriptions of the character will help investors or other people better understand your characters like why you designed them for instance

Test shots: making some test animation will show how it would look like if it was developed so it is important to not only make it visually appealing but the scene that you show also shows the potential of your project.

The first thing when making a production pack is of course to think of a concept! If you have no concept, then you have nothing. So, the very first thing to do is figure out what kind of audience do you want your show or film to appease too. Do you wan to appease a younger crowd? Or is your show/film more for adults than children. This is what you need to concede when working on your concept which demographic are you going for.

Once you have figured out this the next stage is what kind of format is this going to be in. is this going to be in a tv series or a film. A game or a web series. You will ned to think about this before going ahead any further as when you figure it out you can tailor the project around it such as how long it might be if it was a film or how to transfer the story in a game.

And after all that the final stage is to put it all together in a document to present to investors and producers. It important that the document or PowerPoint shows the premise of your show as well as the characters. Also the way you design the document will be important if they want to take you seriously so tailor it to the style of your show and with any luck you will get a green light to make your own

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