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VFX Guest speakers

I went to a panel at my uni where we had four geust speakers.

Paul franklin-he works at Double negative has worked on many projects such as some of Christopher nolan’s films like the batman trilogy and interstellar for instance. He has recently worked on venom and Dunkirk. Use to sculpt then worked in games before going to London to work on films.

Glenn Kelly- head of production at imagination studios which is a motion capture studio. They have worked on films and games such as the latest Star Wars, battlefield 1 and currently working on star citizen: squadron 42

Bimp alllu- who has worked in both the music industry And in the comic industry. Went back to uni to become a concept artist but ended up as a runner before working as a assistant in 2 years.

Hugo Guerra- is a vfx supervisor and director he is a 20 years’ experience worked in the mill. Has a YouTube channel. He has also done some local visual effect for local tvas well as some motion graphics for advertisements. When he was in London he started working as a compositor. Then became head of the nuke department until three years ago. He mostly works in game projects where he develops the cinematic cutscenes for some games. He is also a lecturer at a uni. Usdesk you tube channel???

One of the many things that was discussed was

. What do the current state of vfx in London

Tv vfx Feature film work. The bulk of vfx in the UK is at London and it was also stated that during autumn there is not that much work available at this time. Back in the 90's there where not that many people in the profession back then. One of the panellists also stated that in the video gaming industry there is some work in February which is interesting to know. Also a lot of work at the summer like in los Angeles where it a hub for major game studios are located.

It was also suggested if you can Look beyond London for work. Maybe in Europe or Spain. Traveling might be a thing to think about. They also said that India is becoming a powerhouse and soon a lot of jobs might be flying in that detraction people might have to think about moving there in the future. They also said that china was becoming more of a competitive in the CGI and vfx industry they recently made a very expansive film called Asura (which flopped.)

Also they talked about what they would look for in a artist when hiring.

Bimp alllu said: A few people are working in the art department i work and they are very versatile. It would be important to have a bit of 2d and 3d skills or just have an understanding of at least one so you can work more efficiently with others.

Glenn stated added to that by saying when you start out you should work on some small projects as it will help you hone your skill and make you more aware with working in the industry.

Hugo also said that It’s hard to find people that have an art degree and other skills that are required for a job one of those skills he thinks can help is photography as it can help train your eye to understand what makes an image work. Training you eye.

Overall these where some questions that had very interestng answers.

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